BB Child

"The world becomes happy when children are happy..."

Bülent Börekçilik, which has been producing the most delicious pastry with the combination of the best quality flour obtained from the best wheat of our country, the best cheese and butter since its founding, has created a wonderful world for children, the precious members of our families. This world was inspired by our traditional "neighborhood" culture, where everyone knows each other and hosts helpful, curious, tolerant, and humorous children as well as sympathetic and people-friendly animals. And of course, Uncle Bülent lives here. He is a nice and wonderful person and the elder of our neighborhood. Everyone loves him, and children ask for advice and eat their pastries.

We will see lots of beautiful stories in this beautiful neighborhood.

We will have fun and learn together.

This beautiful world will have a magazine as well. BB Kid. Each issue of this magazine will include cartoon stories, games, prize puzzles, jokes, informative essays, stickers, and posters. With the magazine that they can get free of charge, the children will also have a pleasant time while eating delicious pastries at Bülent Börekçilik branches. They will stick the stickers in the appropriate places on the pages of our magazine and complete the missing sections on the pages.

Moreover, they will hang the poster of wonderful colors in their rooms. In short, they will enjoy the most delicious pastry.

All you need to do is to ask for BB Kid magazine at Bülent Börekçilik branches. Don't miss out...:)

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