The story of Bülent Börek pastry's arrival at the table

The first workshop of our pastry, whose dough is rolled out manually by the local women, is located in the Taraklı district of Sakarya, which has an unspoiled historical texture and has been keeping Turkish traditions alive for over 700 years. There is a whole history behind our flavor. As Bülent Börekçilik, we have four production centers that enable us to reach all over Türkiye. In these production centers, tradition is blended with flavor. Unique cheese made from the purest milk of the Mediterranean Region is added to the dough made from our own product Bülent Un flour, produced from the most qualified wheat from Anatolia. The butter, which is also our own product, improves this flavor. We deliver our pastry to the branches every day in its freshest form, without freezing. Our pastries are baked slowly in the branches. Both sides of our pastry are baked for 30-35 minutes; thus, the flavor is evenly distributed, and the pastry is served with its full flavor. Let your meal be a banquet. Enjoy your meal...

Return-Visit with #lezzetiâlâ

Until today, you have visited our branches millions of times, bringing blessings and prosperity. Thank you so much! Now it's our turn! We say #lezzetiâlâ (superior flavor) and go to you for a return-visit. We deliver our pastries, which can be ordered by calling 44 44 164 or using Getir Yemek, Trendyol Yemek, and Yemek Sepeti applications, at the door and be your guest at your table. We would like to pay a visit to you tonight if you don't mind.


#lezzetiâlâ (Superior) Customer Satisfaction

We bring this flavor from our four production centers to branches all over Türkiye every day and serve it to tens of thousands of people in its freshest form. In our production centers and branches, we work with the meticulousness of a host who is in a hurry to set the best table for her guests, and this is how we define our work ethic. We consider the principle of honesty at every stage of production, and we preserve the spirit of 'tradesmen of the neighborhood' and the understanding of 'people's brand'. We offer our product, which is produced with high quality standards, to our guests with a stylish presentation and the most affordable price policy.



In this journey that we set out with just 10-15 people, we have grown more and more every day, and we have become a family serving millions of people in hundreds of branches in 72 cities.

Our pastries, which are produced under the most hygienic conditions and high quality standards, are accompanied by our friendly staff in our branches, which have been designed with simple, clean, and stylish concepts.

Every day, we act with the awareness of welcoming our guests from different parts of our country, and we start to prepare our tables before the early beams in the morning.


With the pride of being a large and growing family, we continue to serve.

We want to 'have a hand in' spreading the flavors and traditional values of our country. With our first branches in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Poland, we share this Anatolian flavor with Europe.

Please fill out the franchise form if you want to be a member of our family and spread the Bülent Börekçilik tradition to different cities and countries. Your application will be evaluated by our authorized unit.

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