About us

Bülent Börekcilik Manufacturing Marketing San.ve Foreign Tic. Inc.

It was established in 2018 in Istanbul. It has won the appreciation of consumers in a very short time with its recipe based on centuries-old traditions. It has created a unique flavor based on the customs that embrace all parts of our country and the flavors of different regions.

The delicacy of the baklava dough, the flavor of the butter and the consistency of the unique cheeses of Anatolia.

combined in pastry. In the year it was founded, it reached 18 branches in 13 cities. Although the corona virus epidemic, which started in the world in 2019, negatively affected hundreds of companies,

Bülent Börekcilik continued to grow rapidly with both its flexible management approach and product quality.

And it has managed to become the most known, loved and preferred pastry brand in 7 regions of Turkey. By 2020, the prevalence of the company reached 200 branches.

Bülent Börek gradually increased its awareness with the best quality food and beverages accompanying its flavor, and exciting advertising and marketing activities, and its flavor, which went beyond the borders of the country, reached Dubai.

Reaching recognition and recognition by all segments of the society, Bülent Börekçiler was registered as a "Well-Known Brand" by the Turkish Patent Institute in 2022 as the market's leading pastry brand in the breakfast sector.

Bülent Börekcilik Management has always considered keeping the number of female and male employees close to each other as one of its important goals. Our company, which sees every customer as its guest, continues to deliver the flavor of Bülent Börek to hundreds of thousands of people every day with its production facilities in 4 cities and approximately 400 branches by 2023.