Prolonged Moments of Flavor

You will experience our flavor extending with the consistency of the unique cheese of our pastry.
ou will feel its freshness when you hear the sound of its crispy dough.
When you taste our pastry, you will realize that it is not a recipe but a traditional craftsmanship of flavor.
It is our art to appeal to both your palate and your pleasure at the table.

Bülent Flour

The answer to the question 'What is the recipe for this flavor?' lies in the wheat fields in Polatlı. Our pastry gets its superior flavor from Bülent Flour, our own product. We bring Anatolia's most qualified wheat, which is grown in the Polatlı district of Ankara, from farm to fork.

Bülent Cheese

We transform the purest milk of the Mediterranean Region into the most delicious pastry in our country. The unique flavor and consistency of our pastry come from Bülent Cheese, our own product.

Bülent Börekçilik Fleet

Acting with the understanding of 'daily pastry for lasting flavor', we reach every point of our geography thanks to our fleet of dozens of vehicles. We never freeze our pastries so that they do not lose their flavor, therefore, we prepare hundreds of trays of fresh pastries every morning. The freshness of our pastry is #adettendir (traditional).